With over 38 years of experience and continuous involvement in the European Business World, we are capable of providing Integrated Financial Services to Businesses and Greeks Abroad

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Our four main pillars for Quality and Effective Services


Our company is innovating by staffing departments for CRM/Customer Service and TQM/Quality Control, so that our clients benefit from full services for treasury and administrative support included in our bundles.


We safeguard your personal data and ensure the security of our digital and physical archives in constantly monitored facilities. We invest in the production of quality results and in achieving optimization in our workflow, through our I.T. Department.


We set the industry standards higher by offering premium services using the best software currently available as well as developing our own, custom, tailor-made Business Automation System, in order to meet strict deadlines without errors.

International Orientation

Our years of experience combined with our operation in five european countries establish us as the best option for your consultations and for handling your tax jams, managing your investments, or manage any crisis in general.

  • 1614+ Satisfied Clients 99% 99%
  • 38+ Years of Experience 76% 76%
  • 5 Affiliated Companies in Europe 20% 20%

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SBS Financial Consultants in the UK

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SBS Financial Consultants in Greece

Athens 9, Andrea Siggrou str. 11743 Tel : +30 210 9246028 Fax : +30 210 9246335 Email : [email protected]

SBS Financial Consultants in Cyprus

SBS Financial Consultants in the Czech Republic

SBS Financial Consultants in Romania

Bucharest Bd. Iancu de Hunedoara nr. 2 Tel : +40 213114412 Email : [email protected]