SBS Financial Consultants offers Integrated Services in Bundles for the Legal, Tax, Financial and Administrative support of Greeks living Abroad. Our company coordinates a team of experts and professionals including Lawyers, Civil Engineers, Translators, Accountants and Business Consultants, for a holistic approach on the needs and the satisfaction of our clients and for the effectiveness and quality service. Also, our company, counting 40 years of constant presence in the European Business World, possesses one of the best networks, knowledge and abilities to solve some of the most demanding problems.
For their excellence in handling tax affairs and their immediate and professional customer service.
Irini Moustaki (UK)

Professor, London School of Economics

The reasons I initially chose SBS Financial Consultants were, their very long experience and specialty regarding International Tax. Today, after two years of partnership, I remain for their reliable information and their immediate and effective reactions.
Vasilios Xypolias (Bulgaria)

Freelancer/Entrepreneur, ProAd EOOD

I chose SBS Financial Consultants for their high standards, quality services and an excellent partnership so far. I would definitely recommend them.
Georgios Mazis MD, MSc, PhD (UK)

Orthopedic Consultant, Queens Hospital

Recommended by a friend who also lives abroad. The company is authorized to act as my representative in respect of all proceedings in Greece, in the most professional way for almost a decade.
Anonymous Client

SBS Financial Consultants was recommended by a friend and I consider their services as excellent.
Dimitris Karagiannis (Cyprus)

Medical Doctor