Each business is unique. SBS Financial Consultants operates oriented towards quality service, customer satisfaction and meeting strict deadlines without errors, aims towards the profitability of your enterprise and thus offers a wide range of legal, accounting, tax, financial, management and business consulting services in integrated service packages tailor-made to your business’s needs, that meet your expectations and goals.

Outsourcing your Accounting Department

SBS Financial Consultants can undertake full accounting and tax representation of your business towards the authorities, regardless of the establishment of your accounting department. This service is designed in order to provide flexibility for business owners and CFOs, as the total sum of their accounting obligations is completely covered by SBS Financial Consultants. Such choice would allow the Management to devote their time in more profitable activities for the Business. Fully outsourcing your accounting department is the ideal solution to those who are less familiar with financial and accounting demands, such as Start-Ups that are not usually fully informed regarding the Greek economic and tax framework as well as possible jams related to International Tax.

SBS Financial Consultants offers Service Bundles for Accounting, Tax and Payroll at the following categories of companies, with costs defined by a combination of work-hours, staff involved (combinations of specialists and generalists), quantity and quality of services.

  • Businesses that keep B’ Category books
  • Businesses that keep C’ Category books
  • Businesses that keep C’ Category books at their establishment

Outsourcing your Accounting Department

For those who don’t wish to outsource their accounting departments, SBS Financial Consultants is able to establish an accounting department in your business, by staffing, training, supporting and supervising it regularly.

Supporting includes preparation of financial and accounting plans and organization charts, clear definition and job description for key positions and roles, as well as preparation of related manuals, preparation of guidelines and manuals for each operation conducted in financial and accounting functions, planning and implementation of procedures for staff evaluation and internal audit, planning and enforcing IT Management Systems for budgeting, workflow, effectiveness and efficiency

Supervision includes tax representation towards the authorities and accounting and financial consultations for the proper operation of your accounting department.

Tax Jam Management and Tax Consultancy Services

The obligation to state one’s international income and assets exists for a few decades. In Greece, during the financial crisis where the Greek State is sided and is constantly considered suspicious, tax authorities are in constant panic and are continuously making circumstantial inspections for tax evasion. Sometimes, minor tax omissions – not necessarily infractions – might cause serious problems and jams, resulting in huge fines and heavy penalties. A lot of experience is required a far as income, properties, assets and other statements internationally are concerned, as well as handling tax compliance, using offered legal advantages. Such is the experience of SBS Financial Consultants, through our active Lawyers and Tax Consultants.

Business Establishment and Dissolution

The process of establishing and dissolving a business is very time-consuming. SBS Financial Consultants SA is capable of managing and supervising procedures for the establishment of legal entities, in accordance in the legal frameworks and the tax authorities in Greece, Romania, Cyprus and The United Kingdom.

Internal Audit

SBS Financial Consultants can undertake the internal audit of your accountancy and your finance department, as well as define distinct roles and duties, provide basic manuals related to each function, guide you through legal and tax compliance processes and evaluate the staff and the finances of your business.

Investment Opportunities

SBS Financial Consultants has an in-depth knowledge of the european market and the investment environment, with over 35 years of experience in entrepreneurship and finance. We are here to guide you through evaluating investment opportunities through assets that lead to profitability.

Property Management

SBS Financial Consultants offers a wide real estate portfolio in Greece of rentals and properties for sale. The listings include luxury estates, company and office buildings, tourism businesses and many more. Also, SBS Financial Consultants is capable to assist you in commercializing your properties and estates.